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Trident Marine Services offers marine salvage tug and barge diving, as well as ROV services. We can safely transport machinery, goods, and workers to islands and other hard-to-reach places. Our team can handle any assignment. Please reach us to learn more.

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Trident Marine Services

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Trident Marine Services

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Marine Towing Services

In April 2020, we were commissioned to tow a 255.5-ton vessel from Sambro to Lunenburg Foundry with an average of 5.6 knots for the journey.



We can handle all diving aspects of marine construction from class inspections, cable/pipe laying, hull cleaning, in-water repairs, underwater welding/burning to salvage operations. We also take care of propeller cleaning and repair as well as underwater hull cleaning.


With our advanced equipment, we save ships from sinking and save ships that have already sunk.

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